May's Parlour

Floral Purple Small Vase by Karen Atherley

Regular price £60.00

 This vase is hand made and painted by artist Karen


 Mays say: Since we first opened the shop in 2015 Karen's work has been a much loved. Each year we get a handful of pieces in, making them feel exclusive and special (which they are). 

A little about Karen and her work: a ceramicist based in the UK with 30 years experience, her work portrays curvy figures influenced by Greek antiquity and the colours of the impressionists. Training at Camberwell College of Art and Crafts, Karen's influences are prominent potters such as Colin Pearson and Janice Tchalenko. Working in London for some years she is now based in Lincolnshire working with her unique style and supplying a handful of galleries in the UK

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