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Bog Myrtle and Fresh Mint Reed Diffuser

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Fill your home with the unique scents of our Scottish Collection.  Effortlessly bringing scents inspired by the Scottish Highlands into your home day in, day out, our Reed Diffusers will last for approximately of 10 weeks.

An ever so Highland scent, with musky bog myrtle from the glens, fused with some fresh Scottish mint leaves. Camphor and juniper berry hints have been added to create a pleasant middle note, adding to the fresh fragrance.

Scent info: The fresh herbal aroma of bog myrtle, quite unique to Scotland was the inspiration behind the creation of this crisp fragrance. The sharpness of mint pairs up perfectly with the muskiness of bog myrtle, resulting in a cool scent that will carry throughout your home.

A little about Skye Candle Company: Our natural wax which we use in all our candles is a blend of soya and botanical oils which are completely healthy and toxin free. The wax is sustainable, biodegradable and burns longer and brighter than other waxes. The wax itself is derived from ethically sourced American grown soya, primarily from Illinois and Iowa.

Our reed diffuser base is also a derivative of soya so shares the same environmental qualities as the wax. We specifically avoid soya from South American countries where the soy plantations have been known to be amongst the causes for deforestation.

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