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Candlestick Striped Girl - Sarah Saunders

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Original pieces of artwork from Sarah Saunders. This is a range of candle holders by Sarah. A very collectable item

Size: Approx 22cm h x 5.5cm wide

Material: Ceramic

May says: Due to the handmade nature of these the candle made need a little encouragement to fit. We usually dip the base of the candle quickly in some hot water and then it fits neatly into place.

About the artist: 
“I've worked as a Pottery technician and Tutor of Ceramics for over twenty years. I have thoroughly enjoyed passing on my knowledge of the subject to others but after losing my mum to a brain tumour in February 2016 I decided it was time to do something brave, something for myself.
I therefore decided to leave Education and focus on producing my own work. A decision I am so far enjoying a lot. 
I am a figurative Ceramicist working mainly with the construction of Coils. I make mostly human forms but there is always an animal hanging around somewhere in there. I colour my pieces using slips, oxides and underglazes and Ifire to stoneware temperatures.

I have always been interested in simplifying the form. I like Folk Art sculpture with its sometimes strange proportions and simple shapes and line. I like the way pieces are often highly decorated and because of their age and the materials and techniques used these will often be faded and chipped with beautiful patina.I love how all this oddity all this patterning makes you look...just a little longer.
I want people to do this with my work. I want to make pieces of work that looks like they've had a life, a story, a past. I want to create this through the form, texture and decoration.

I want to tell a tale." Sarah

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