Ready when you are!

carol cade

This is a quick note to say as from April 12th we will be open again.

We very much look forward to seeing you all again .

This is our cat Badger, a commissioned piece of art we asked Andrea Joseph to do for us. Andrea is one of the many talented artists that we are proud to be associated with. She is extremely fond of cats and has two of her own. That is a story in itself. She doesn't have a website but if you are fond of Instagram you will find her @aheavysoul or we can put you in touch.

We have always tried to support those who have a unique and different outlook on life. This, we hope, comes through in our selection for the Parlour this year.

We do also hope you feel you can visit now. Come just as you are, hair longer than you perhaps would like, maybe a bit greyer? Yes us too!

Do get in touch if you have any concerns though because we want you to relax and have a good time when you visit. You definitely deserve it!

Best of wishes

May x
..and Badger sends his love too 


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