Making Space in the Parlour

carol cade

What a time we have had making room for Christmas. It seems to lead to a big old sort out and we have to admit quite a bit of dust and a few tears.

But now the Christmas show is now firmly underway with lots of our decorations now on display in "Christmas Corner." We have a feeling that Christmas corner may well be spreading out quite soon though.

There has been a lot of press about the supply of things at Christmas and we wouldn't usually get embroiled in such wordly things but we did want to say this... The individuals and companies that supply our shop have worked so hard to make things go smoothly for us this Christmas. They never complain or mention the difficulties they are having behind the scenes but we know they've had a challenging time. So we would like to say thank you to them for making the magic happen this year. We have ordered all our goodies and we have also had them delivered. We don't normally have everything in at once because of the size of The Parlour but this year we thought we should, just in case the post gets a bit too busy. What were we saying about space?

Our big Christmas Shopping Event isn't going ahead this year, we just couldn't make the space work so we have elected to do our Private Shopping Evenings. These went down well last year and are a chance to look around at your leisure, a Baileys* in one hand and a mince pie in the other. We held the first one last week and as we listened to Bing sing White Christmas we decided "It really is never too early"

Best of festive wishes

May aka Carol x

*Gin and Tea also available


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