Finding colour in Town and Country

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Here at May's we love colour and pattern. In a world that seems to have turned very grey seeing something bright and vibrant really lifts the day. So we are always looking for beautiful designs and sometimes it is something that we have had stored away, dormant in the back of our minds.

This happened with Cambridge Imprint Company.  About five years ago at a Country Living fair I came across a crowd gathered around a small, brightly coloured stand and it was love at first sight with this creative small business.  Fast forward a couple of years and we were delighted to be able to stock their lovely paper and books in the Parlour.  When I chose the design "Threadwork" design in the picture I just loved the colour and the design.  Later I found out that it was commissioned from Cambridge Imprint by the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester to celebrate the refurbishment of the museum and its reopening in February 2015. So it seems even more special, as Manchester is only a train ride away from us here in Whaley Bridge.  The two places, town and country, are just like the mice, very different, but being able to flit between the two really is the best of both worlds. The cherry on the cake is (love cake so any reason to bring it into the conversation is never missed) that Cambridgeshire is where I come from, so it all seems to fit perfectly.  

We know from chatting to customers in the shop that colour can be a bit of a scary thing. In conversation people will say they love an item but can't see how it will fit in.  My advice is always, if you love it then have it in your home.  It will find a place because you love it and if you love something then it will be something you always treasure.  

Wishing you a bright, bold Spring 

May x 

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