Counting down the days

carol cade

As we count down the days to what we hope will be a Spring opening in April we feel like we can finally see how things may work for the Parlour.

Everyone has had their own way of making things work through the last year and for us that has meant getting into a routine. It seems that The Parlour has been central to our world. Keeping us busy with the day to day (have to say slightly monotonous) job of putting things on the website. But more importantly than that, keeping in touch with you.  A quick, slightly furtive chat when you come to collect things, orders from such far flung places as Brighton and messages from you have kept us jogging (erh maybe not that fast) let's say ticking, along.

Some things have changed, luckily for us, not too much. And the thing that delights us most, the squeaks, the oohs and the aarhhs from you all peeking in the shop windows has still been heard. As we live here, we hear this at all times of the day (and night) and it still warms the heart.

So onwards and hopefully upwards, along with all the other cliches. 

We sign off by saying, as we always do, look forward to seeing you soon, and really meaning it.

Take care

May x
aka Carol

PS Badger sends his love 

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