Bring back that Lovin' feeling

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February brings snowdrops, crocuses and hopefully cupid's arrow? It's always been about the love here in The Parlour, not just in the traditional sense either. There are lots of ways to show how much you love someone or something. We think it shines through if you really love someone or something too.

Since moving here over 3 years ago (time really does fly) we have allowed ourselves to follow some of our interests and passions which had fallen by the wayside over time. We have also found that precious thing called time. Time to appreciate this lovely corner of the world with its beautiful landscape and interesting characters.We always say we fell in love with the building when we saw it and now we also love the place and it's people.

Those of you who have visited the Parlour know, there is a definite love of creatures that has evolved, this has just happened over time and wasn't planned in any way. Giraffes, sloths, llamas and even the odd wild boar have found their way in.So I suppose it is no surprise that this has led to us letting the "real thing" into our lives when we decided to foster dogs. We do this for the Dog's Trust, a great charity that works so hard to find the right forever home for dogs that are in need. So far we have fostered five dogs and look forward to having more to stay.

We hope that you find or rekindle something that you really love and that it brings much happiness to your life.

Happy Valentines

Love May x

(PS the photo is of a super little jack russell that we fostered until she found her forever home. This turned out to be just around the corner from the shop, so she is still a regular visitor!)


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